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Introducing our brand new CBD Powder shots with aloe vera extract in natural flavour. Probably the best CBD hemp powder in the world.

  • High protein.
  • Fully soluble.
  • Full spectrum.
  • Non isolate.
  • High CBD content.
  • 90 x added bioavailability than standard CBD oils.
  • Lab tested and fully certificated.
  • 100% natural. (FOOD GRADE)


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20ml CBD Powder shots mixed with purified water

Recommended  as a 7-14 day supply pack. Contains 10mg of Full Spectrum Cannabidiol per tube.

High in essential Omega 3, 6 and 12 oils.

Micro-encapsulated full spectrum CBD hemp protein powder mixed with purified water. Low Ph Alkaline H20 and 100% natural flavourings.

CBD shots 14 pack. 10mg of CBD per shot.

Natural Flavour.

Using only the best natural flavourings.

Each tube contains 10mg’s of full spectrum CBD hemp protein powder, mixed with purified water.

This Product is a first of its kind and has shown to be a very popular choice.



Micro encapsulated full spectrum CBD hemp protein powder, 10mg cannabidiol, Water.

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